‘El Calenton’ is the number one latino show broadcasting in the mornings in Massachusetts! Every morning on POWER 102.9FM / 800AM it is simultaneously broadcasting on both stations from 6am to10am Monday through Friday.

‘El Calenton de la mañana’ translates to The heat of the morning.


Hosted by:

RICHIE HERRERA (Program Director – Producer)


With more than 20 years on the radio, his original laugh and talent has become a trademark on the show. Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic. He’s also the ‘Production Director’ of POWER, responsible for creating and producing most of the commercials. Richie’s knowledge of radio hosting and expertise in producing the morning program has made him the #1 Talent in the Boston Metro.




With 18 years on the radio, she’s the balance in the program. Her comments brings the women’s perspective to every topic. Her personality and talent are the perfect complement to Richie’s banter. Also born in the Dominican Republic, Awilda is Followed by the audience…… she’s like the spark plug in the morning and always says what’s on her mind.
EL CALENTON DE LA MAÑANA the number one Spanish language show in the morning in Massachusetts…



El Baron D Show (Music Director)


Roberto Garcia better known as, “El Baron D Show” was born in the Dominican Republic.
He began his career as a DJ at only 18 years old under the name of DJ Darvolo creating an immense sensation with his unique style. “El Baron D Show” began his radio career in 1998 with the original Mega Boston. In 2000 was the first DJ to play reggaeton in the radio in his program named “La Mega Melasa”. Has worked in Philadelphia, Providence, Hartford and Boston.Through the years he has been identified more with the Classics and Salsa. Now you can listen to him at POWER 800AM/102.9FM everyday Monday thru Friday from 3pm to 7pm and every Sunday from 3pm to 7pm.





Isabel González born and raised in Guatemala. At the age of 18, she completed her school and modeling career and joined the “Alo Que Tal America” television program as a reporter. Two years later, she was promoted to the pioneering television program in Guatemala “Nuestro Mundo Por La Mañana”. In 2008, she left the television and positioned herself as a speaker and director of “Radio Mia 93.7” one of the most important pop music radio stations in Guatemala. She then traveled to Massechusetts and has since worked on TV, radio and press.
She currently works as an announcer on POWER 800AM/102.9FM also known as “La Chikitita”, also as television presenter of the “Pachanga Latina” program and is a talent and Multimedia Producer of Univision Boston, Entravision.
Tune in Monday thru Friday with “POWER ENTERTAINMENT NEWS” at 9:35am, 2:50pm, 5:25pm and on Saturdays from 8:30am to 10am “POWER EXITOS” of the weekend and from 10am to 12:30pm “Las 30 Poderosas de Power”